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SMART is changing the world by changing the way knowledge can be shared.The right technology empowers them to do even more. According to this research, initiated by SMART to uncover the interconnections between success, technology and teaching/learning practices, the highest rates of student success comes from great teaching practices that are complemented by software and hardware.

Smart Boards: The Smart Board interactive whiteboard operates as part of a system that includes the interactive whiteboard, a computer, a projector and whiteboarding software – either Smart Notebook collaborative learning software for education, or Smart Meeting Pro software for business. The components are connected wirelessly or via USB or serial cables. A projector connected to the computer displays the desktop image on the interactive whiteboard. The whiteboard accepts touch input from a finger, pen or other solid object. Smart Board interactive whiteboards are also available as a front-projection flat-panel display – interactive surfaces that fit over plasma or LCD display panels.

Smart cameras: A smart camera or intelligent camera is a vision system which, in addition to image capture circuitry, is capable of extracting application-specific information from the captured images, along with generating event descriptions or making decisions that are used in an intelligent and automated system. A smart camera is a self-contained, standalone vision system with built-in image sensor in the housing of an industrial video camera.

Gun-toting students, bullies, drug dealers and even tornados are just a few of the threats children may face these days at school — leading some districts to turn to a new breed of ultrasmart surveillance cameras that run iPhone-style apps, can read license plates, and even talk back to misbehaving students.