smart Industry

Smart Industry

IT mega trends such as Big Data, the Industrial Internet of Things, Cloud technology and 3D printing are all feeding into a new Dutch initiative called Smart Industry.

Markets in which Owner/Operators in process industries operate and collaborate are becoming increasingly international, more competitive and volatility is rising. In order to maintain profitability, organizations are constantly seeking new opportunities to gain an edge. By linking all steps of the asset lifecycle and the value chain, a world of possibilities opens for companies, old and new. Emerging IT technologies enable organizations to change their business models, become more customer focused and ensure their profitability in the future.

As described in the Smart Industry Report, Smart Industries are industries that have certain key characteristics, including a high degree of flexibility in:


Product needs (specifications, quality, design)

Volume (what is needed)

Timing (when it is needed)

Resource efficiency and cost (what is required)

Ability to (fine)tune to customer needs and make use of the entire supply chain for value creation.

These Smart Industries are leveraging a network-centric approach, making use of the value of information, driven by ICT and the latest available proven manufacturing techniques to enable their success.