Sensors & Alarms

Temperature, Humidity, Lux, Motion, Occupancy, Gas & Water Leakage.


Controllers & Meters

Relay, Dimmers, HVAC, Curtain, Logic, Security, SMS Gateway, Smart Meters


Display Panels & Switches

CTP, DTP, DDP, Buttons, Wireless Switches


Access Control System

CCTV, IP, NVR,DVR, Video Door Phones, Access Control, Smart Locks.


Cctv Cameras


Who we are?

Dynamik Smart Solution: Enter the home, office or enterprises of future, From high tech security, entertainment to remote controlled lightpads.

Statistics say crime rise are on a high. So do energy bills for homeowners living through a recovering economy. It’s a double threat to their wallet and their peace of mind.

There’s no more appropriate time to emphasize the importance of a “smart home/office” – not just an alarm system.

Our smart solutions has the ability for consumers to manage their system from anywhere on a computer, smartphone or tablet – add a new level of comfort. Traveling or working parents can know whether their child returned home at a certain time. They can watch live or recorded video of their home from virtually anywhere. And, they can adjust home temperature and lights during the hot summer or chilly winter when electricity bills can swell to thousands of rupees in one month.

And the same with more added and diversified Industrial applications like asset monitoring, we make your SME’s (small & medium enterprises) more secure, safe and reduce your CAPEX costs drastically.

This is just a snippet of few of many things which we do, Book your Demo now and take a Step towards.. A Leap in the FuTuRe!!!

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